15 years of experience in diverse industries

A passionate, intuitive, empathetic and truth-seeking mature soul, Florie Ravinet has been focusing on the impacts of self-awareness and movement on the emotional realm for more than 15 years.

Along her path toward self-connection, self-healing, and liberation through the power of joy and love, Florie has consulted numerous professionals of a variety of domains to enrich the Fly Yoga© method. She has also completed more than a dozen certifications in diverse mind and body techniques (each year she completes new personal development certifications):

  • Sports coach,
  • Pelvic floor re-education – Abs without risks training with De Gasquet,
  • Certified hypnotherapist (France PNL),
  • Yoga Alliance certified yoga instructor,
  • Personal development coach (ego, fears, desires, personality), Eric Le Roy method,
  • Energy specialist (numerous trainings/themes).

Channeling this constantly evolving experience, Florie is available for:

  • Themed workshops
  • Individual coaching
  • Group classes
  • Teacher trainings

Read more about the founder’s story below.

I first discovered yoga while studying in Sydney, Australia in 2006. I discovered a very athletic and dynamic yoga called power yoga or Vinyasa. It was fun, but at the end of each class, I felt empty. Upon returning to France, I practiced the much softer and slower Sivananda yoga. The concept of “well-being” in that context was very different. Following an injury while practicing aerial silks, I felt I needed to take a break from my classic job (I worked in finance in Paris’ La Défense neighborhood). On top of this, my maternal grandmother passed away, and it suddenly clicked: this was not the life I wanted to live. My new adventure started with a trip to India where I trained as an Ashtanga and Hatha Yoga teacher in the Himalayas (a training recognized by the Yoga Alliance). Having stayed there for almost 5 months, it was my first step toward finding my true calling: bringing smiles to faces all around me and connecting to life in a deeper way.

As a child, I was always hanging off of a trapeze or perched in some tree. My wish when creating the method was to rediscover the joys of being up in the air, but also combine it with the kind of relaxation that yoga generates.

In 2008, I started working on a sequence of positions, or associated movements, in a hammock hanging from the ceiling. I sought the expertise of physical therapists and osteopaths in order to guarantee a result that would be accessible to all, and that could be practiced in total physical and mental security. This is how the first aerial yoga method in Europe was born in 2008—a method that I called Fly Yoga©.

My starting point was maximizing the benefits of suspension (the biomechanical dimension), focusing on the impacts of weightlessness and joint decompression for the musculoskeletal system. Then, the practice and teaching of aerial yoga Fly Yoga© led me to one giant step further: the emotional and energetic dimensions.

Psychologists, energy specialists, psychomotor therapists, and then neuroscientists became interested in my work, and our discussions enriched the method, which is now a holistic method accessible to all. The beauty of how we use the hammock in Fly Yoga© is that it truly adapts to all needs and personalities.

Our evolution in the Fly Yoga© hammock over time is magical. It’s surprising at first; it’s fun and joyful. On a secondary level, the single-point rigged hammock delivers us a healthy dose of instability. This challenges us to let go, eagerly seek out a position in which no tension is felt, and strengthen our muscle chains in depth—all the while maintaining flexibility and joint mobility. The elasticity of the Fly Yoga© hammock allows us to be suspended without joint compression, which is wonderful for virtually any shoulder, knee or back problem, whether related to chronic pain or as a result of specific pathologies such as herniated discs.

On a tertiary level, the specific material of the Fly Yoga© hammock, an elastic and silky cocooning fabric, envelops us and allows us to enter a regressive emotional state: a return to the womb, to life in utero. This connection to our inner sensitivity is an integral part of learning how to listen to ourselves.

The method is multi-dimensional and offers the possibility of “surfing,” so-to-speak, on whichever layer of the experience we are seeking most that day. It is a very joyful method that adapts to our wishes with each passing moment in the hammock—from cocooning to acrobatics and beyond.

It is also the only aerial yoga method in the world to have been approved by health professionals (we are also recognized by Yoga Alliance) and to benefit from more than 10 years of experience.

I believe that I was born with unique emotional intensity, and some have described me as a passionate, intuitive and truth-seeking “mature soul”. Either way, I have long been preoccupied by existential questions, having practiced yoga since age 20. But it wasn’t until recently, through daily Fly Yoga© practice, that I started feeling as if I had finally tapped into the whole immensity of what is called connection to Self, with a capital “s”.

For me, movement is an ally—a medium for fully investing in the body, tapping its emotions and its sensations, releasing them. Practicing aerial positions in a spiral motion—beyond our comfort zone—unlocks and dissolves our emotional, energetic and physical armor. The participant is able to open herself up in a playful and compassionate setting.

The instability of the single-point hammock demands our intense concentration. It shakes up and deconstructs our established mental processes. In the inverted position, we momentarily lose our bearings. “Beautiful” and “ugly” lose their meaning. This offers a first step toward detachment from self-image and ego. Gradually, reality becomes realities. Everything becomes extraordinary!

We become spectators of our own limits, misconceptions and deadlock zones. We tap into our vulnerability and witness that of others in the group. If we wish, we can set out on a journey toward self-liberation—the first step of which is assimilating our shadows and accepting our wounds. Getting to know ourselves through movement seems to me more effective and direct than (spoken) therapy, even though the two can be combined. Movement speaks louder than words.

This question comes up frequently. It is always surprising to me, because the path to Self cannot accommodate labels—it is precisely a path of detachment.

One of the definitions of yoga is the union of body and mind with the world. It is above all a philosophy of life, an inner journey toward enlightenment, toward the state of Buddha. In our ultra-stimulating contemporary society, our needs are different than when Patanjali yoga was born. It seems natural to me to witness the emergence of different currents. This creativity is a sign of richness! Everyone can dip their toes in the water and have the chance to find happiness and peace.

Spirituality is a journey toward the Self and therefore toward the divine in everything. As our bodies sway gently a pendulum-like movement, they are plunged into a state close to hypnotic trance. It’s like a dance that aligns us with the movements of the cosmos—Rudolf Steiner’s lemniscate “8” (figure eight). Our physiological fluids exchange with each other in a figure-eight movement, just like the subtle exchanges of the universe. It leaves with us a feeling of harmony and expansion to perceive our uniqueness.

The practice leaves us in an increasingly blissful state at the end of each class. Finding that space within the Self where Unconditional Love flows freely, cultivating it and reconnecting to it regularly is exhilarating and enjoyable. It is an invitation to reach out and touch the light, the divine, the invisible which becomes visible at this instant—because it is palpable.

At the same time, the practice can be a daily discipline of refocusing, cleansing, purifying, and resetting to zero. This allows us to witness our ego shifts and give ourselves the courage to be Self, anchored in the here and now.

Creating, teaching, training, questioning myself, doubting, receiving support from the Fly Yoga© community, finding the path toward awakening… this has literally changed the course of my life. As for everyone, life has “offered” me its share of “obstacles-gifts”, and daily practice has been more than essential for me to overcome and transform these events. In this way, my students and all the professionals I have trained have been truly essential to my journey. Thank you!

This has allowed me to continue to believe in my dreams, realize my desires and assume new powers as a unique individual who is connected with others and the world.

The better the balance we strike between carrying and being carried, the more the body and mind are at peace—and the universe sends its wonders our way. This is what I’ve learned from practicing Fly Yoga©!

So I cultivate my inner self like a garden. Sometimes I love myself, and sometimes I’m learning to love myself. It’s about gaining an attitude of self-confidence and faith in life, every single day.

Since 2011, I have trained more than 500 health and wellness professionals: sports coaches, pole dance teachers, circus acrobats, aerial silks practitioners, psychologists, midwives, physical therapists, osteopaths, energy specialists, psychomotor therapists, hypnotherapists, teachers of all styles of yoga from Hatha yoga to power yoga, Vinyasa yoga, other styles of aerial yoga, personal development coaches, professional musicians, painters, professional boxers, stunt performers, martial arts instructors, potters, writers, actors, professional dancers, and dance teachers of various styles.

The Fly Yoga© method has thus been nourished and shaped through continuous interactions with a vast cross-section of individuals. And this is taking place against the backdrop of an ever-evolving and tolerant society, where each person can find her or his own style, guided by shared values and agape (ancient Greek for universal, unconditional love).

Spiritual aspirations rooted in earthly joys, and diffusing knowledge and learning with an attitude of kindness towards myself and my environment have opened up new doors for me. The exchanges I am fortunate to have with my students and trainees make me grow. The Fly Yoga© philosophy is one of openness, and it’s integral to a quest for balance.

A word to wrap up?

Fly Yoga© is a fantastic human adventure. I am sure that practicing the method will bring you happiness and joy, which will radiate all around you. Thank you for your confidence and love. It’s truly an honor.

Florie Ravinet.