Depth and strength

For those who wish to firm up.

The movements use the hammock, just as one might use a swissball to work in instability.

The movement sequences are fluid and fun!

Is Fly Yoga© Pilates for me?

  • You’re in need of deep muscle strengthening.
  • You enjoy exercising with rigor and alignment.
  • You need to strengthen your back to improve posture.
  • Fly Yoga© Pilates is slimming and firms up the abs and glutes.
  • Instructors offer options so that the class is accessible to all.

Are there any prerequisites?

  • This class is accessible to all.
  • If you have any particular pathologies, you are welcome to join the class but encouraged to take a Fly Yoga© Initiation class first to see how you feel.
  • A few Fly Yoga© Initiation classes are required before taking a Fly Yoga© Pilates class.


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Benefits of this class


  • Deep muscle strengthening
  • Improved posture
  • Slimmed figure and composure


  • Relaxation and release of musculoskeletal tension
  • Stress evacuation


  • Calm and self-connection
  • Unwinding and serenity

Our unique personality originates in unity between our body, mind and emotions.

Class duration: 1 hour.

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How many times should I take this class?

However many times you’d like!

Fly Yoga Pilates strengthens in-depth and reaffirms our composure. 

What can I take after Fly Yoga© Pilates?

Depending on your desires and personality:

  • Fly Yoga© Circus: Joy and acrobatics
  • Fly Yoga© Core: Intense—and joyful!—muscle strengthening 
  • Aerial Silks: A circus discipline using aerial silk as a prop
  • Aerial Hoop: A circus discipline using the aerial hoop or lyra as a prop
  • Fly Yoga© Initiation: Come back to Initiation from time to time to slow down and deepen your practice