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Developed with a team of physical therapists, the Fly Yoga© aerial yoga method alternates movements on the ground with more aerial positions in a natural progression, using a unique tool suspended from the ceiling.

This stimulates body awareness, coordination and breathing, priming the body to become truly rooted in wholeness.

With each Fly Yoga© class, participants access deeper relaxation and experience improved physical and psychological well-being.

Participants gather in a calm space where Fly Yoga© hammocks have been installed to cradle them in a sensorial envelope beyond the here and now. Sensations are heightened and body awareness is refined to the rhythm of each new class attended.

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Practical information

Classes are one hour long. Each class begins with a guided meditation or moment of inner reflection. The warm-up takes participants directly into contact with the Fly Yoga© hammock. They proceed with a sequence of movements inspired by the sun salutation. Then comes the strength-building sequence, which accelerates the heart rate before “take-off.” Dance, gymnastics and traditional yoga movements meld together in perfect harmony in the safety of your hammock. The class structure primes the body and mind to explore the joys of aerial work. To conclude, participants are guided in a few minutes of relaxation.

We have developed several different class variations to meet a vast range of desires and needs:

  • Fly Yoga© Initiation
  • Fly Yoga© Pilates
  • Fly Yoga© Core
  • Fly Yoga© Circus
  • Fly Yoga© Kids & Family
  • Fly Yoga© Pre-natal
  • Aerial silk and aerial hoop
  • Individual coaching
  • Bachelorette parties
  • Fly Yoga© for Businesses

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Is Fly Yoga© for me?

The Fly Yoga© aerial yoga method is accessible to everyone. It is increasingly recommended for people who suffer from back pain and specific joint disorders.

The benefits of practicing Fly Yoga© can be understood along three dimensions:

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A revolutionary method suitable for everyone.

Read more about the benefits of the Fly Yoga© method, directly from Florie Ravinet‘s students.