The Fly Yoga© Method

Developed in 2008 by Florie Ravinet alongside a team of physical therapists, osteopaths and psychomotor therapists, Fly Yoga© is the first aerial yoga in Europe. Nourished by more than 10 years of expertise, it is a subtle union between traditional yoga (Hatha Yoga and Iyengar Yoga), pilates and the circus arts. This holistic wellness technique combines positions of relaxation, muscle strengthening, and breathing.

The Fly Yoga© hammock, a unique movement prop suspended on a single-point pivot, lifts constraints on your joints and back. This allows you to safely bring your yoga practice to a deeper level.

Several class variations are available for all ages, needs, levels and personalities!


Michel Cymès, a prominent French doctor and surgeon

It’s comforting to be in the hammock (…), I stretched and worked my muscles. We laughed—and above all, we didn’t hurt ourselves.

Fly Yoga

by Florie Ravinet

Driven by boundless passion and curiosity, Florie Ravinet gave birth to the method in 2008. It was the beginning of the Fly Yoga© adventure. Fly Yoga© is a process of liberation: freeing oneself of physical, psychological and emotional pain through movement in the hammock, which serves as a protective, regenerative envelope. With joy, the founder has been facilitating teacher trainings and classes for over a decade.


Fly Yoga was a revelation for me from the very first class. Since then I have been addicted to this discipline, which combines yoga, aerial figures, inversions, flexibility and muscle strengthening. What could be more complete and fun to practice?


I look forward to each class. It’s my “relaxation” moment of the week to focus on my body, how it moves, its mechanics, breathing. I let go and give up control.

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Teacher training

Is it your calling to practice and teach a discipline accessible to all, in total physical and mental security? Apply for the Fly Yoga© (est. 2008) aerial yoga teacher training and join a growing international community of teachers of the only hammock method approved by physical therapists, osteopaths, psychomotor therapists and psychologists in the world (we are also recognized by Yoga Alliance).

The Fly Yoga© teacher training allows trainees to develop a teaching style that is harmonious with their personality and that is adaptable to a large public of both relaxation and dynamic energy enthusiasts alike. Available only in French (English coming in 2021).



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