Improve team communication

Fly Yoga© an original and unforgettable way to show employees that you care about them!

Having originally worked in the finance industry in Paris’ La Defense neighborhood, and now with more than 10 years of expertise in one-on-one and group facilitation, Fly Yoga© method creator Florie Ravinet offers seasoned savoir-faire and interpersonal skills to help your team tackle challenges together.


Realize full team potential and improve performance.

Fly Yoga© aims to fulfill multiple objectives:

  • Forge strong ties between team members in an original and light-hearted atmosphere; reduce communication problems and build team buy-in through shared moments of laughter and joy.
  • Enveloped in the hammock, team members learn how to refocus and release tension themselves, instead of relying on external conditions to do so.
  • Through secure movement in suspension, joints are supported and pain is released in the lower back, neck, shoulders (rotator cuff impingement syndrome), elbows (epicondylitis or “tennis elbow”), and the back (herniated discs and sciatica).
  • Team members defy the laws of gravity and get to know themselves better! They work on managing their emotions and define a winning strategy from outside their comfort zone, unlocking their full potential and improving their performance.

Fly Yoga© for Businesses sets into motion complex processes of improving cohesion, communication, company culture and more—all of which can make or break the success of a team.

Classes, seminars or workshops can be scheduled for a few hours up to several full days, rounded out with additional guest appearances (such as specialists and coaches) on various themes such as personal development, managing emotions, non-violent communication and mindfulness meditation.

Location: Fly Yoga© Paris’ 9th district, but we are also equipped to meet at another location of your preference.

Our Fly Yoga © for Business client portfolio:

Facial expressions and body language account for 55% of communication and persuasion, and words only account for 7%.

-Albert Mehrabian, professor of psychology specializing in verbal and non-verbal communication

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