At a gentle and slow rhythm, the student becomes familiar with the Fly Yoga© hammock, which gradually becomes like a second skin.

This class combines movements drawn from traditional yoga, the energetic arts, circus arts, Pilates and dance, in a sequence designed to allow the body to relax and evolve in connection with its emotions.

You will strike a balance between stretching, accessible muscle strengthening, “first flight” positions and relaxation—all the while accompanied by your reliable movement partner, the hammock.

At the end of each initiation class, teachers gently and safely guide participants into inversion (the upside-down position), letting them go at their own pace. This “final act” allows participants to release their bodies and emotions, and overcome their physical and psychological barriers.

There is often a learning curve during the first few classes participants take. They learn new landmarks outside of their comfort zone.

Surpass your limits – Let go – Regain confidence through child-like joy

By the end of the class, participants are relaxed and enchanted by their journey between heaven and earth. Yet they remain free to choose their own destination!

Fly Yoga© Initiation is for you if you’re looking to:

  • Relax and learn to improve your breathing
  • Discover a new discipline that will allow you to reconnect with yourself
  • Strengthen your back
  • Release mental and physical tension
  • Elevate your movement by gradually exploring the aerial dimension
  • Transform your daily life with more self-confidence and the ability to let go 

Fly Yoga© Initiation is ideal for beginners and those who wish to discover the concept of Fly Yoga© before perhaps discovering other class variations.

It is also for those who are on a quest for inner peace, which can be found from within the Fly Yoga© hammock, our supportive partner in movement.

Are there any prerequisites?

  • There are no prerequisites for taking a Fly Yoga© Initiation class. Desire and curiosity suffice!
  • There is no need to be flexible or muscular, or to have been physically active prior to taking a Fly Yoga© Initiation class.
  • People with specific joint pathologies (back, knees, shoulders), chronic pain or other health conditions (inflammatory diseases, autoimmune deficiencies…) are welcome and remain responsible for their particular condition.
  • We assist with care and verbal guidance but we do not “heal” anyone, because each of us is our own savior!

Read the Benefits page for more details.

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The many benefits of this class include:


  • Release tension throughout your back
  • Explore new movement while still protecting your knees
  • Learn breathing techniques
  • Stretch and increase your flexibility
  • Strengthen your muscles through gentle, controlled movement


  • Achieve greater connection to self
  • Learn to let go
  • Reconnect with your body after pregnancy, an accident, recovery from an injury, illness, or a particularly difficult period in life
  • Develop body awareness and come to see your body as a resource


  • Gradually achieve a state of inner peace
  • Increase self-confidence
  • Evacuate emotional overflow: sadness, fear, anger, frustration, nervousness…
  • Rediscover child-like joy and find inner joy

Our unique personality originates in unity between our body, mind and emotions.

Class duration: 1 hour.

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What else should I know before I book this class?

You can take a Fly Yoga© Initiation class whether you are a beginner or an advanced practitioner.

The objective of the class is to explore body and emotional awareness in order to achieve a state of serenity.

As we begin practicing Fly Yoga©, we become familiar with the movement prop, the Fly Yoga© hammock, and the teaching method.

Once we find our new comfort zone, our concentration gradually turns inward, allowing us to move more fluidly. Many come to experience bliss, simply of being in the moment.

The Initiation class refocuses us and gives us freedom to connect to Self.

What else is there after Fly Yoga© Initiation?

Once our fear or lack of self-confidence in aerial positions and inversion subside, we are ready to explore the other class variations, depending on our personality and what we are looking for:

  • Fly Yoga© Circus: Accelerated movement and acrobatics
  • Fly Yoga© Pilates: Deep and controlled muscle strengthening
  • Fly Yoga© Core: More intense—and joyful!—muscle strengthening
  • Aerial Silk: A circus discipline using aerial silk as a prop
  • Aerial Hoop: A circus discipline using the aerial hoop or lyra as a prop