A moment to reconnect with yourself.

As an experienced personal development coach who continues her training each year, Florie Ravinet offers individual coaching sessions at the Fly Yoga studio or online (via Skype or Zoom) for:

  • Specific or general themes (emotional, physical, life direction, depression, burn-out, separation, loss…)
  • Fly Yoga© individual coaching in the hammock and/or on the mat.

Fun movement + Learning about psychological and emotional processes:

“These areas are very close to home for me and cannot be dissociated with the body. Chronic pain comes back until the day you finally remember the emotion or event that set off this reaction, which is felt in the body, the mind, the emotions… A new path of understanding toward liberation thus becomes possible.”

We have an integral vision of what it means to be human:

body – mind – emotions

Your needs

  • You have a particular pathology, pain or zones of tension that require particular attention.
  • You are in a period of transition, depression or burn-out.
  • You seek more meaning in your life.
  • You simply need time for YOU outside of your busy daily routine.
  • You would prefer to hold the individual coaching at your home or you are unable to come into the studio in Paris.

Practice Fly Yoga© at home

Class duration: 1 hour.

Get in touch with Florie Ravinet.

    The benefits of individual coaching:

    Justine said:
    “Florie progressively guided me toward thinking of how I functioned in a new light—with less guilt. She shed light for me about my strengths, helped me become more conscious and helped me adjust my posture to my desires. The sessions were relaxing and lifted a weight off my shoulders."