Acrobatic fun!

Fly Yoga© Circus is a first step toward aerial and acrobatic movements in the hammock. For those who are attracted to the aerial side of Fly Yoga© and who are eager to jump in. 

Participants are required to take at least one or two Fly Yoga© Initiation classes prior to booking a Fly Yoga© Circus class, and must not be afraid of inverting (the upside-down position). Note that this class is distinct from Aerial Silks, which is a circus discipline that uses a different movement prop).

The class sequence is designed to allow participants of all personality types to explore aerial movement.

Is Fly Yoga© Circus for me?

  • You have a distaste for routine and enjoy trying new things.
  • You enjoy changing things up and having an element of surprise among your group of friends.
  • You have always dreamed of the circus arts and acrobatics.
  • Exceeding your limits is your engine for progress.
  • You’ve always wanted to fly

Are there any prerequisites?

  • Participants must feel comfortable in the upside-down position and must have taken at least one or two Fly Yoga© Initiation classes beforehand.
  • They must be in good shape physically and not suffer from any specific pathology.

Class duration: 1 hour.

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How many times should I take this class?

There is nothing wrong with sticking to this class forever! Studio regulars who have been taking this class for 10 years never get bored, because our instructors draw from new inspiration and creativity in each new class they teach.

This class is truly a moment of joy and affirmation that “everything is possible”!

What else is there after Fly Yoga© Circus?

Depending on your desires and personality:

  • Fly Yoga© Pilates: Deep and controlled muscle strengthening
  • Fly Yoga© Core: More intense—and joyful!—muscle strengthening 
  • Aerial Silk: A circus discipline using aerial silk as a prop
  • Aerial Hoop: A circus discipline using the aerial hoop or lyra as a prop
  • Fly Yoga© Initiation: Come back to Initiation from time to time to slow down and deepen your practice