Circus arts discipline

A round metallic dance prop is used for safe practice.

Get a taste of both artistic performance and muscle strengthening as you work on varying speeds and thrusts, exploring different choreography and a multitude of acrobatic movements.


Is this class right for me?

  • You are a very active and energetic person.
  • You like to rise to new challenges!
  • You like to push yourself and like to have sore muscles after exercise.
  • You are as likely to have a drink after a long day at work as you are to go on a long hike. You get up early to exercise. You are an active++ person.

Aerial hoop firms and tones as you improve your grace and elegance in the air.

Accessible to all. This class is ideal for anyone who wishes to explore the aerial arts.

Are there any prerequisites?

  • This class requires strong will and motivation.This class is not recommended for people who have specific pathologies. We offer many safe alternatives among our Fly Yoga© classes!

Class duration: 1 hour.

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How many times should I take this class?

However many times you’d like.

This class strengthens and improves self-confidence.

What classes can I take after aerial hoop?

Depending on what you’re looking for and your personality:

  • Fly Yoga© Pilates: Deep muscle strengthening
  • Fly Yoga© Core: Intense strengthening
  • Aerial Silk: A circus discipline using aerial silks as a prop
  • Fly Yoga© Initiation: Come back to Initiation from time to time to slow down and deepen your practice