Leggings, a short-sleeve t-shirt (not a tank top, for health and safety reasons) and clean socks are required.

All are welcome! There are no prerequisites for taking a Fly Yoga© class. Whether you are a dynamic athlete or are suffering from knee problems (cruciate ligaments or other operations), back pain (hernia or other pathologies), the method is accessible to all.

Regardless of your starting point and any “baggage” you may carry, you are invited to start with a Fly Yoga© Initiation class..

Fly Yoga© Initiation :

For anyone who would like to discover the Fly Yoga© method or who is looking for a balance between stretching, muscle strengthening and relaxation. Perfect for beginners.

Fly Yoga© Core :

The Fly Yoga© Core class is designed to tone muscles (abdominals and glutes in particular) and slim figures. It is an intense class but is accessible to all who are motivated (options are offered). No prerequisites.

Fly Yoga© Circus :

This class is a first step toward aerial and acrobatic movements in the Fly Yoga© hammock. For anyone who is attracted to the aerial side of Fly Yoga© and who are ready to jump right in. Prerequisite: At least one or two Fly Yoga© Initiation classes and no fear of being upside down. (Note that Fly Yoga© Circus is not the same as aerial silks, which is a circus discipline).

Fly Yoga© Pilates :

This class strings together rhythmic movements in the Fly Yoga© hammock using Pilates techniques. The hammock is used as a prop to take muscle strengthening exercises one step further—with a joyful twist.

Fly Yoga© Kids : Unaccompanied from age 5 and up / Parents must accompany children from age 2 ½ to 5

Developed in collaboration with a psychomotor therapist, this class contributes to healthy child development. Ideal for parents who would like to share a special moment with their child.

Fly Yoga© Pre-natal :

Developed with a physical therapist specializing in perinatal care, this course is a valuable source of physical and psychological well-being throughout pregnancy. The Fly Yoga© hammock serves as an innovative prop to free the pelvis and back of the baby’s weight.