Below you will find answers to our frequently asked questions.

The Fly Yoga© aerial yoga method is accessible to everyone. It is increasingly recommended for people who suffer from back pain and specific joint disorders. By freeing ourselves from the effects of gravity, the body and spirit unite in joy. Fly Yoga© is an invitation to get to know yourself better… with an aerial twist!

Leggings, a short-sleeve t-shirt (not a tank top for health and safety reasons) and clean socks are required.

Fly Yoga© Initiation:

For anyone who would like to discover the Fly Yoga© method or who are looking for a balance between stretching, muscle strengthening and relaxation. Perfect for beginners.


Fly Yoga© Core:

The Fly Yoga© Core class is designed to tone muscles (abdominals and glutes in particular) and slim figures. It is an intense class but is accessible to all who are motivated (options are offered). No prerequisites.


Fly Yoga© Circus:

This class is a first step toward aerial and acrobatic movements in the Fly Yoga© hammock. For anyone who is attracted to the aerial side of Fly Yoga© and who are ready to jump right in. Prerequisite: Fly Yoga© Initiation classes and no fear of being upside down. (Note that Fly Yoga Circus© is not the same as aerial silks, which is a circus discipline).


Fly Yoga© Pilates:

Rhythmic movement sequences in the Fly Yoga© hammock using Pilates techniques. The hammock is used as a prop to take muscle strengthening exercises one step further—with a joyful twist.


Fly Yoga© Kids: Unaccompanied from age 5 and up 

Parents accompany children from age 2 ½ to 5

Developed in collaboration with a psychomotor therapist, this class contributes to healthy child development. Ideal for parents who would like to share a special moment with their child.


Pre-natal and Post-natal Fly Yoga©:

Developed with a physical therapist specializing in perinatal care, this course provides pregnant women with physical and mental well-being throughout pregnancy. The Fly Yoga© hammock serves as an innovative prop to free the pelvis and back of the baby’s weight.

No, you can book any classes you would like to, varying your frequency as a function of your schedule. For example, come once a week then come back several times the week after.

All you need to do is go to our homepage, click on the “Classes” tab, then “Book your class” and click on the link to book.

This can be for one of two reasons: Either your subscription has ended or you no longer have class credits. Check your account to view your purchases. Otherwise it could be a problem with our website—if you’re not sure, send us an e-mail at and describe the issue to us.

You can cancel a class reservation via your online account 48 hours in advance. After this period, we cannot cancel your reservation and your account will be deducted for the class. Our classes are very small to provide an atmosphere conducive to achieving class objectives. Classes have 10 spots, i.e. 10 Fly Yoga© hammocks, specifically designed for the practice of Fly Yoga©.

It is advisable to have only the equivalent of half a banana in your stomach. No coffee.

Fly Yoga© aerial yoga can be practiced from age 2 ½ up for Family & Kids classes.

Gift certificates and bachelorette parties

Gift certificates are an original idea suitable for birthdays, Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day or Christmas, for example. Gift vouchers give you access to all of our classes. Just print the gift voucher that you received upon purchase and give it to your friend, indicating their name and the reference number. Your friend can then either send their request to register for a class by email (, providing the reference number, or use their online account, which will store their class credit electronically for one year. After ordering a gift certificate, you should receive email confirmation with the coupon within 48 hours.

We are pleased to share this special moment with you and your friends! For bachelorette parties, we privatize the Fly Yoga© studio for 1 hour 30 minutes. Take as many photos and videos as you’d like to memorialize the occasion. 

Just send us an email ( specifying your preferred date, time and number of people who would like to participate. We can make some exceptions if it’s more than 10 people. Contact us if you have any questions.