Fly Yoga© is the only specific aerial yoga method that has been approved by health professionals (osteopaths, physical therapists, psychologies, sophrologists, psychomotor therapists, and neuroscientists). The benefits of this practice can be understood along three dimensions.

The benefits of practicing Fly Yoga© are multi-dimensional, offering a complete approach to health and wellness—from the therapeutic to the acrobatic and beyond. Participants:

  • Gain more flexibility
  • Build and firm muscles
  • Improve posture, transforming their bodies with grace
  • Alleviate and reduce musculoskeletal pain for a healthy back
  • Improve breathing
  • Relax and find greater serenity
  • Experience the joys of childhood again!

The benefits vary significantly depending on the type of class (Fly Yoga Initiation, Fly Yoga Circus, Fly Yoga Pilates, etc.). To find out more, visit our class variations page.

Fly Yoga© is so much more than just an invitation to explore movement with the support of an original and fun prop—the hammock. It is truly a comprehensive, multi-dimensional and therapeutic yoga method.

With 10 years of experience and research behind it, Fly Yoga© pedagogy is the ripe fruit of founder Florie Ravinet’s labor to explore new aerial crossroads between movement and mindset.

There are many benefits of practicing Fly Yoga©, which offers a complete approach.

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Benefits for the body: The biomechanical dimension

Movement in suspension allows us to transform our bodies while respecting our joints, individual pathologies and health conditions.

Supported by the Fly Yoga© hammock, participants experience:

  • Decompressed, supple joints (knees, shoulders, pelvis) for featherlike grace as a result of suspension.
  • Spine regeneration, in particular while inverted (in the upside-down position); release of chronic pain (noticeable effects on herniated discs, spine compression and poor posture)
  • A healthy dose of instability as a result of the single-point rig system, which stimulates the sensorimotor system and enhances body awareness; deep muscle strengthening, improved balance.
  • Strengthened muscles through gentle bodyweight exercises.
  • Perineal awareness and protection for a reinforced pelvic floor and pelvis full of vital energy.
  • Blood and lymphatic circulation and toxin evacuation for a lighter body, lighter legs…
  • A relaxed nervous system as the hammock gently rocks back and forth; serenity and calm.
  • Expanded respiratory capacity and improved breathing technique.
  • Organ detoxification (liver, kidneys, lungs…).
  • While inverted, a stimulated endocrine system which reduces inflammation. Participants with immunodeficiency syndromes, multiple sclerosis, fibromyalgia, inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), endometriosis, ankylosing spondylitis, and inflammatory diseases have reported decreased pain and suffering.

Benefits for the mind: The psychological dimension

Putting our bodies in motion in a different and surprising space—beyond our comfort zone— transforms our state of mind toward stronger intuition and self-love.

The Fly Yoga© method is a blend of ancestral traditions drawn from yoga and contemporary approaches (Arnaud Desjardins, Krishnamurti, Osho, Rosenberg and non-violent communication, Rhonda Byrne’s The Secret, Lise Bourbeau, Jacques Martel, Michel Odoul…). A multidimensional practice, the method emphasizes:

  • A positive pedagogy, always accompanied by kindhearted and tolerant speech.
  • A safe and reassuring space where individual needs and desires are taken into account—there are options for everyone, words for everyone.
  • A new state of mind where everything is possible, making room for a change in attitude toward one’s daily life.
  • Detachment from one’s ego in every way; an altered perception of reality. 
  • Self-confidence and faith in life, in things running smoothly.
  • Connection to Self as a step toward learning self-love.

Emotional benefits: The “affect” dimension

Our emotions circulate freely during movement sequences in our hammock. The hammock thus becomes a cocoon or matrix, safely allowing us to leave our comfort zone.

The hammock is used in an innovative way to allow us to:

  • Discover our limits and overcome our fears; learn how to get in touch with and manage our emotions.
  • Release ourselves from fear through movement coupled with breath and sometimes even verbal release; regain our self-confidence and ability to let go.
  • Feel whole; the hammock is a protective envelope enabling us to find and visualize our physical limits within it; it serves as a matrix (a set of conditions from which something originates and grows) and a “second skin” (French psychoanalyst Didier Anzieu).
  • Enter a regressive state to come into contact with our archaic wounds; the hammock is like a uterus in which we can become conscious of our suffering and begin to self-heal: bringing our own suffering under control and accepting, forgiving and thanking ourselves (regressive states: British psychoanalyst Donald Winnicott).
  • Feel inner peace as the hammock gently cradles us; learn meditation, concentration and stillness.
  • Improve energy circulation and electromagnetic flow; discover techniques for letting down our hard protective shell through movement; break free from our chains and let go of them… the subtle becomes palpable.
  • Connect with the sacred or divine, whether this means opening our hearts, embracing our sacred femininity, learning the ways of shamanism, plugging into spiritual or telluric currents (earth energies), blasting off into the cosmos via the stars, tapping into existence beyond heaven and earth… to each her own desire, to each her own path.